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«Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.»
A. Einstein
  • [EV]3 3D solutions — Virtual reality

Solution that only a few companies in Russia can offer — interactive systems based on virtual reality technology.

What is virtual reality

Virtual reality by EligoVision is a three-dimensional computer world based on your scenario, which works according to your rules and can be controlled and manipulated in real time.

Such complex virtual worlds are created on the basis of individual scenarios and can have several levels of manipulation. The main operation principle of this system is the possibility to interact with it in real time resulting in the system’s back reaction on a user’s actions.

Everything in this world follows one main rule — reality simulation.

The goal of such presentations is to deliver the maximum immersion into the artificially created computer environment through creation of:

  • realistic computer graphics;
  • non-linear and multilevel interaction storytelling;
  • user-friendly visual interfaces;
  • intuitive methods of 3D objects navigation and manipulation;
  • high-quality and realistic visual and sound effects.

This is a completely new type of 3D presentations, which are constantly changing, are capable of processing a large set of incoming data in real time, and work according to their specific rules. These are controllable stereoscopic 3D solutions based on carefully designed scenarios.

In this kind of presentation your product, whether it is a single complex object or a large-scale computer generated world with thousands of dynamic 3D models, will be organized and demonstrated to fully comply with your presentation objectives.

Example: «Virtual World of GLONASS» project

This is one of the best examples of complex and detailed presentation based on virtual reality technology and 3D Pointer manipulative device (EligoVision’s technological know-how).


To learn more about our projects, visit the Case studies — Virtual Reality page.

Features of a presentation in virtual reality:

  • three-dimensional virtual world that is specifically created to demonstrate your products and services;
  • photorealistic three-dimensional graphics;
  • physical modelling in real time;
  • exciting game with your product;
  • amazing WOW effect;
  • opportunity to show complex things by means of simple interactive language;
  • stereoscopic effect with practically «total immersion»;
  • 3D presentation that allows several people to interact with it at the same time;
  • presentation which you can control and manipulate at a distance from the screen with the help of 3D Pointer by EligoVision;
  • complex effect on several levels of perception: visual, motoric and sound;
  • virtual interactive worlds that live and work according to your own rules;
  • live storytelling which you can easily change with a motion of your hand;
  • series of working solutions for exposition stands and presentations in showrooms;
  • wide range of display systems depending on your presentation objectives;
  • full support at exhibitions and presentations.

What surface to choose

Interactive 3D presentations work on different types of 3D surfaces.

To provide the effect of total immersion into the virtual reality world, stereo installations include several stereoscopic projection screens, good tracking systems and surround sound.

However, to deliver a high-quality immersion effect and comfortable interaction with virtual worlds, you can use small screen and display 3D installations.

We are one of the few companies in Russia that have wide experience in creating and adapting virtual reality systems for different types of stereoscopic installations, including European Union’s projects.

And we can configure your virtual reality presentation for:

Experience a live demonstration!

A picture is worth a thousand words, isn’t it?

You can assemble a small-scale virtual reality system at home, but complex installations are much more effective, if they are bundled with stereoscopic screens and displays with total immersion into the virtual world, and are equipped with new interaction devices. That’s what we propose you to see in our office.

To do this, please leave your details on this page, and we will contact you within one day so that you could have full ‘immersion’ experience. Or you can simply call us on the following number: +7 495 780 01 59, and make arrangements for the demonstration without losing time.