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«Nothing is as easy as it looks».
Murphy’s law
  • [EV]3 3D solutions — Augmented reality

We create our unique and highly popular 3D solution — augmented reality systems — based on our proprietary licensed «living 3D markers» technology!

Today augmented reality is considered one of the most effective marketing solutions to draw attention at exhibitions, presentations, sales outlets and on the Web.

What is augmented reality

Augmented reality is a modern technology that allows combining real world objects and virtual (machine-created) reality onscreen.

This interactive technology allows users to place computer-generated 2D and 3D objects over a video camera signal and thereby «augment» the reality.

 The heart of the augmented reality technology is our optical tracking system.

The system requires

  • special markers which are used as visual identifiers for computer models;
  • camera that «sees» markers in real world and transmits video to the PC;
  • software that processes the received signal, puts one layer of reality over the other and thus creates what we call augmented reality.

Our know-how

Today EligoVision has a unique market position. We are one of the few companies that have developed, protected and commercialized their proprietary technology of augmented reality marker recognition.

We called it «living 3D markers».

Currently our technology works with markers using both marker and markerless-based methods. It can be used offline (to save files to a PC hard drive) and online (with the help of our special EView plugin).

«Living 3D markers» work not only with conventional 2D monitors, displays and screens, but also with any media supporting stereo format:

You can find more information about «living 3D markers» here.

Example: XXL Girl project

We’ve already developed several dozens of projects based on our «living 3D markers» technology. You can find them all on the Our projects — Augmented Reality page.

We’ll use one of our most complex projects — «XXL Girl» to illustrate how it works.


Where augmented reality is used

Today augmented reality technology is widespread.

We specialize in the following fields:

  • trade shows — stand installations;
  • big stage presentations — for this kind of presentations we use our AR studio;
  • print media 3D covers and interactive advertising modules;
  • online games and 3D cards innovative method of Internet promotion;
  • sales presentations product presentations and sales.

We have developed numerous projects in each of these fields. You can find all details here.

10 advantages you should know about:

  • you can use any image of your choice as an augmented reality marker, regardless of its form and size (to know more about marker and markerless technologies click here);
  • you can use various models created in 3D modeling applications (to get the list of applications click here);
  • our technology helps devise and implement even the most complex scenarios;
  • you can use several dozens of «living 3D markers» at the same time (i.e. several people can work with them);
  • the cost of 3D application replication over the Internet is quite low, and you can watch projects both online and offline;
  • augmented reality installation is easily scalable (from notebooks to video walls, 2D and 3D);
  • markers can interact with each other, 3D objects placed on them can act according to the laws of physics of the real world;
  • marker-based projects allow including text and sound, and also using multiple hierarchical levels — one application can encompass a whole world;
  • augmented reality markers let you interact with your products on the motor function level;
  • augmented reality attracts attention and explains complex things by means of visualization.

And more…

... you will be certainly happy to know that we don’t allow ourselves to make «sufficiently» good projects. All our augmented reality projects demonstrate HIGHEST POSSIBLE QUALITY.

We are always ready to HELP our customers, suggest interesting and exciting ideas, and advise how to make your project even better.

Where to see augmented reality

We have two options available.

The first and faster one. Visit our demos page, choose one of them, follow the instructions for viewing, and experience the augmented reality on your PC!

The second and more serious one. Visit our office in Moscow. In our demo room you will see the augmented reality technology on every possible 3D medium. We assure you, it is worth it!

Please register here, and we’ll call you back to arrange your visit.

Or simply call us on the following number: + 7 (495) 780 01 59, and make arrangements for the demonstration without losing time.