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«Nothing is as easy as it looks».
Murphy’s law
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Our first mobile AR app on iOS is now open at iTunes and is free to download!

At Augmented Planet 2012 we successfully demonstrated our new mobile AR studio!

Try our newest AR demos for free! Watch a fairy Hut on Hen's Legs and draw your own AR labyrinth!  

EligoVision will demonstrate its AR studio at the annual event — Augmented Planet 2012 in London on October 30-31

A trial version of EligoVision Toolbox beta was demonstrated at Autodesk University Russia

The SURPRISE markers from the 3D calendAR are temporarily open! Meet our Dragon girls: «winter»; «spring»; «summer»!

Russian International Olympic University
successfully demonstrated its campus in Augmented Reality with AR studio in London!

A «secret» 3D marker has just opened in our Augmented Reality calendAR — meet a «summer» Dragon girl! Watch the follow-up AR story on your Android device — mobile «SubmARiner»!

EligoVision invites you to a presentation at Mobile Developer Day#ua conference that will take place in Odessa, Ukraine in August 16

The Ukrainian company Trinetix (mobile AR apps) has become our official partner

Our proprietary AR technology «living 3D markers» ® became an officially registered trade mark!

Our Dragon girl flew away from the May page of the 3D calendAR while a new Android mobile app  — «AR robot» — appeared in Google Play. Download!

Meet our charming animated Dragon girl in her secret spring appearance! Watch the follow-up story in the new app on any Android gadget!

Our first mobile AR application for Android smartphones is open. Test the April marker! Download on PC! Download from android market!

Virtual Martian Woola dog is walking on the Moscow Red Carpet at «John Carter» movie premier in AR studio by EligoVision. Video from the premier!

Legendary Detsky Mir (Kids' store) was presented in the new AR project for MIPIM-2012 expo in Cannes, France.

EligoVision and Kweila announced technological partnership. Kweila successfully presented our AR game at Intellektika-2012 in Tartu, Estonia. «Year of the Water Dragon» AR game

An amusing augmented reality project for the Museum in Siberia — «Build your own city!» Details about the project.
Live AR demo!

Meet our Dragon girl on a secret «living 3D marker» from 3D CalendAR 2012!

Innovative AR studio project presented in Kazakhstan during All-Nation Live Link-Up. Innovative Kazakhstan 2011

Two new AR projects and a New Year themed augmented reality 3D game are free to download now! CG Event 2011; «Year of the Water Dragon» AR game; markerless AR project


Company's Year 2011 results and achievements in form of a video! Video: 2011

Two more interactive 3D projects are now presented in detail GEOS-3Kurchatov Institute 3D

New AR project — «Ball Valves» — can be now tested on your PC! Test demo! About the project

EligoVision announces three interactive 3D presentations at the famous RUSNANOTECH 2011 exhibition held in Moscow in October 26-28. Kurchatov Institute. Nanonet and Nanocube

Geneva, ITU Telecom World 2011 — our Russian customer FSUE RSCC demonstrates «living 3D markers» on glasses free 3D! Learn more!

Welcome the new 3D solution by EligoVision — individual 3D presentations using Kinect game console —  gesture control!

At recent Autodesk Forum in Moscow EligoVision successfully presented AR studio, and both mARker and mARkerless «living 3D markers» together with Kinect! Project details! Try mARker-based demo! Try mARkerless demo!

CEO and Founder EligoVision — Sergey Matveyev — has been nominated on ID People Awards 2011! Vote!

On the upcoming Autodesk Forum in Moscow EligoVision would present its three technological innovations! Drink our «virtual 3D cocktail» on September 21-22!

At MAKS 2011 airshow EligoVision presented the completely renovated «Virtual World of GLONASS» project at our customer's exhibit!

The complete renewal of the corporate website is finished. Enjoy new design and content! 

EligoVision discusses the benefits AR technologies in education sphere at the XII interactive «Complementing reality» forum in RSUH.

At Navitech-Expo-2011 EligoVision presents its new project based on the augmented reality 3D marker developed for GeoStar design office — «The GEOS system» Watch demo! Details and video!

First time on a big stage! Y. Urlichich and L. Parfyonov present a new system — the augmented reality studio by EligoVision (AR studio) — at the «65th Parallel» conference. Project details and video!

Two 3D games on «living 3D markers» of augmented reality are now available on the EView online plug-in! Play the 3D game ComputerBild! Play Hello, 2011!

On May 10-13 EligoVision presents its new project on «living 3D markers» for the Space Communication FSUE at the Sviaz-Expocomm-2011 exhibition. Watch demo! Project details!

«Augmented Reality for Show Business» — a new report of Valeriya Kholodkova, marketing director EligoVision, at «3D Movement» show! Watch video!

Find out what EligoVision showed at the CEP-2011 exhibition as part of the unique «3D Movement» show! View 3D invitation!

A special greeting from EligoVision on a «living 3D marker» to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Yuri Gagarin flight — «Congratulations on the Cosmonautics Day 2011» 3D postcard! View a 3D card!

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has tested the «living 3D markers» technology at the ecocenter on Sparrow Hills! Watch video!

From April 15 to 17 we invite you to visit a unique «3D Movement» show within the CONSUMER ELECTRONICS & PHOTO EXPO-2011 exhibition, where we'll show and discuss the augmented reality!
View a 3D invitation!

A MMEF-2011 Forum is opened! «MOESK» presents a project on a «living 3D marker» at their stand as a part of the Russian Fuel and Energy Complex in the XXI Century Forum from April 7 to 9. Details of the project! Demo!

Our special greeting for the March 8 on the augmented reality «living 3D marker» — «Spring Season’s Greetings!» View a 3D card!

The 3D film «Hyundai Solaris» was successfully shown! It was created specially for the Hyundai Motor CIS event, which was held on February 8, 2011 at Lotte Hotel, Moscow. Details of the project! Watch video!

A new interactive 3D puzzle game of augmented reality on five «living 3D markers» — «3D LOGO!» View! Learn more!

An updated demo of the «Into a Safe Future» project on 10 «living 3D markers» is now available online on the EView plug-in with sound.

The first eco-educational center «Sparrow Hills» was opened in Moscow! It is equipped with a 3D Projection system from EligoVision and an installation of the «Green Time Machine» project on 12 «living 3D markers». Watch video!

A new interactive 3D puzzle game «3D LOGO» on five «living 3D markers» was successfully launched in St. Petersburg as part of the EligoVision client's corporate event.

A new «Share with friends» interactive button appeared on our website. Share demo applications with your friends and colleagues!

EligoVision company profile appeared on the Wikipedia resource. Read about us!

Video set of EligoVision «living 3D markers» projects for 2010. Watch now!


A New Year release of a new EView plug-in to view «living 3D markers» online! Download!

New Year Greetings from EligoVision in form of a new dynamic 3D game on a «living 3D marker» —Hello, 2011! Play!

A new video presentation — «What is stereo!» — from the Integrated Systems Russia 2010 exhibition is posted. Watch!

As a part of the Integrated Systems Russia 2010 at the «3D technologies for business» seminar Valeriya Kholodkova speaks about the concept of stereo technologies.

A description of projects on augmented reality system — «3D Labyrinth» and a 3D presentation «Oncocongress 2010» — is posted.

A new project on «living 3D markers» augmented reality system to promote the «Breathe Freely» medicine! Details of the project!

A new video from the Air Show China 2010 exhibition has been added! Watch video.

«Oncocongress 2010» 3D presentation created for the AstraZeneca company was successfully demonstrated on a big stereoscreen at WTC.

A new «3D Labyrinth» augmented reality game on a «living 3D marker» was launched today at the AstraZeneca’s stand in the World Trade Center as a part of the XIV Russian Oncological Congress.

Two interviews with EligoVision representatives were shown by the First Business Channel: CEO Sergei Matveyev talks about the «human factor in innovation company»; and marketing director Valeria Kholodkova talks about «interactive 3D technologies for saving money».

Interactive EligoVision technologies — «living 3D markers»— presented in China at the Air Show China 2010 exhibition!

Release of a new demo project on a «living 3D marker» — animated «Mi-34» helicopter. Download demo! Details of the project!

XXL and ComputerBild magazines publish two new articles about the «living 3D markers» technology! Now they are in the articles about augmented reality.

Update of the Nam Kong-1 Hydropower model demo application on a «living 3D marker» from the Autodesk Forum project: new visual effects were added. Test it now!

Release of the new interactive 3D game on a «living 3D marker» — «Inside a computer!». Details of the project. Watch demo!

Demo projects on «living 3D markers» are available: «Autodesk Forum: designing» and «Autodesk Forum: architectural designs». Learn all details of the project!

Our new project on «living 3D markers» — «The Tireless Robot!» — in a Hacker computer magazine!
Learn about the project, watch demo!

EligoVision presents its solution at the Autodesk Forum! Welcome to the «The Technologies Show» on September 22-23! Details of the project!

A new web-project based on our «living 3D markers» system for the XXL men’s magazine — «XXL Girl»! Better to see once than hear a hundred times! Watch demo!

EligoVision announces the participation in the Autodesk Forum on September 22-23! A new virtual 3D EV environment for the presentation of 3D models created in Autodesk software packages.

InAVate magazine published a note about the joint project of EligoVision and JSC Russian Space Systems on «living 3D markers»!

CNewsTV makes a new reportage about EligoVision technologies: 3D Pointer and «living 3D markers»! See it on the TV channel website!

We have expanded our range of 3D solutions. Now we can develop any image in stereo-vario format for you! All details of the new 3D solution can be found here!

On our website, we launched a «Negotiant» web-project, created for KRT group of companies based of the «living 3D markers» technology. Please find details here! Test the project in the real time here!

A new show project based on the «living 3D markers» augmented reality system returned from Paris to Moscow. All details of the project can be found here! The real-time test of the project can be found here!

On June 18 EligoVision introduced a «Negotiant» 3D presentation, created for KRT group of companies based on the «living 3D markers»  technology. Demo presentation coming soon!

EligoVision launches a new project based on the «living 3D markers» augmented reality technology at the Year of Russia in France exhibition. You can view ten animated «living 3D markers» right now on your computer screen!

A new joint project of EligoVision and JSC Russian Space Systems — an interactive 3D album on the «living 3D markers»  system — will be shown at the Year of Russia in France exhibition in Paris on 11-15 June, 2010.

InAVate publishes a new article on augmented reality — «Shaken, not stirred!» Test «living 3D markers» on your computer here!

«Living 3D markers» were successfully presented at the Panasoniс 3D Convention. The solution was implemented on a new Infitec technology.

EligoVision officially announces signing of a partnership agreement with JVC. See more information on the new joint 3D solution here!

Valeria Kholodkova, marketing director EligoVision, talks about the augmented reality in her interview for the «World 3D» Internet portal. Read now.

A detailed article about our project — «War game» — has been published in the latest edition of Equals AV magazine.

EligoVision website was fully updated. Now you can find many interesting articles, useful materials and videos there!

EligoVision signed a partner agreement with the Russian representative office of JVC.

Our sixth article was issued in the «Virtual nanoworlds» column of the federal Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials Internet portal.

The system of «living 3D markers» in The House at the Patriarch Ponds: EligoVision 3D technologies at the new cultural center opening event.

«War game» project: a view from the inside. Interview with Sergei Matveyev, EligoVision CEO, who is the author of the interactive project.


EligoVision has successfully introduced the new «War game» project at the Dubai air show, 15-19 November, 2009.

InAVate publishes an article about our «Virtual World of GLONASS» project under the «Global Solutions» heading in August-November issue, 2009.

From 15 to 19 of November EligoVision participates in the Dubai Airshow 2009 with the innovative «War game» solution based on the «living 3D markers» system, created together with JSC Russian Space Systems.

EligoVision filed an application for participation in the ProIntegration Awards 2009 competition in the «Best Innovative Solution» nomination! Results will be announced during the Integrated Systems Russia 2009 exhibition (December 8-10, 2009, Moscow, Gostiny Dvor).

«Virtual World of GLONASS» interactive 3D presentation was demonstrated at the RF CEC on October 11 — the Election Day of the Russian Federation.

Our fifth article was issued in the «Virtual nanoworlds» column of the federal Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials Internet portal.

Our fourth article was issued in the «Virtual nanoworlds» column of the federal Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials Internet portal.

The final stage of an interactive 3D presentation «Virtual World of GLONASS» and a new interactive «living 3D markers» project were shown to the public at the international air show MAX 2009 in Zhukovsky.

The second stage of an interactive 3D presentation «Virtual World of GLONASS» was successfully presented at an international Le Bourget 2009 air show in Paris.

Together with the FSUE RNII KP, EligoVision introduced the first stage of an interactive 3D presentation «Virtual World of GLONASS» at the Navitech-Expo-2009 exhibition.

Our third article was issued in the «Virtual nanoworlds» column of the federal Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials Internet portal.

The company moved to a new office at 1st Truzhenikov lane, 14, building 2. Visit us to see our 3D solutions in a new showroom!

Our second article was issued on the federal Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials Internet portal.

The company got a certificate #2009611410 on the state registration of a computer program.
A copy of the certificate.

The company got the certificate #2009611409 on the state registration of a computer program.
A copy of the certificate.

The company got a certificate #2010615271 on the state registration of a computer program.
A copy of the certificate.

Our column under the «Virtual nanoworlds» title appeared on the federal Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials Internet portal and our first article was published there.


The company introduced a «living 3D markers» solution and an interactive 3D presentation «Virtual World of Nanoparticles» at the stand of the Federal Agency for Science and Innovation during the International Forum on Nanotechnologies. Find more about this project here.

EligoVision announced its invention — a Dynamic depth map — at the Perspective Technologies of the XXI Century exhibition.

The second article of the «Virtual Reality» series appeared in PC World magazine (No 6, 2008).

InAVate magazine publishes the «Visual Analysis» article (May 2008) by Sergey Matveyev.

InAVate magazine publishes the expert opinion of Sergey Matveyev «3D displays in every house»
(May 2008)

Announcement of a new «virtual constructor» based on augmented reality technology appeared in InAVate magazine.

EligoVision first introduced the «virtual constructor» system on «living 3D markers» solution at the Days of Moscow Education exhibition.

Information about EligoVision is published in the spec. edition of the Engineering Newspaper (No 12, 2008) for the High Technologies of XXI Century IX International Forum.

The first article of the «Virtual Reality» series appeared in PC World magazine (No 4, 2008).

The Virtual Cube «Kent-Nanotek» project for the VAT Ukraine company BAT was finished. Find more about this project here.

Interview with Sergey Matveyev speaking about the augmented reality is published in InAVate magazine (Jan-Feb, 2008)

Interview with a company expert appeared in the «Bucket of Knowledge from Parallel Worlds» of Moskovskij Komsomolets newspaper.


[CLASS]3 of EligoVision was successfully presented at the Digital School exhibition of PNPO Leaders Forum at the State Kremlin Palace.

EligoVision is an official participant of the Digital School 1.0 exhibition which will be held at the State Kremlin Palace on 19.11.07.

EligoVision presented a report within the «Audio-visual technologies in education, culture, science and medicine» section of the Integrated Systems Russia conference which was held at the President Hotel, Moscow.

EligoVision. Interactive Technologies company is recommended for the 2nd year of funding under the «START» program.

EligoVision has successfully taken part in the annual Moscow Area 2007 presentation exhibition on September 26-29, Crocus Expo, Moscow.

EligoVision has taken part in a round table conference on «Imaging systems: innovative education tool of the XXI century» at the Eurodisplay 2007 exhibition which took place September 18-20 at the Expocentre, Moscow.

EligoVision. Interactive Technology company introduced the first interactive system UnID Pointer at the «Smart Space of Education Today & Tomorrow» VIII International Educational Technology interactive forum.

EligoVision invites you to attend the «Smart Space of Education Today & Tomorrow» VIII International Educational Technology interactive forum which will be held in RSUH on June 28, 2007.

Partnership and cooperation agreements with the Institute of New Educational Technologies and Information, RSUH, were signed.

A patent for the utility model N62716 was received.

EligoVision participates in Cebit 2007 together with Active Video.


A partnership agreement with BS Graphics was signed.

An English version of the company Internet office is now available.

A joint project with the Shchusev Museum of Architecture (MUAR) at the ArhMoskva 2006 exhibition.

An application for a «Wireless Device for the Presentation Direct Control on a Projection Screen» utility model is filed.

The company wins the contest held by the Foundation for Assistance of the Small Enterprises in Science and Technology as part of the «START 06» program.

A company Internet office is now available.