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«Nothing is as easy as it looks».
Murphy’s law
  • Demo — «Year of the Water Dragon!»

What about playing a new 3D game based on the augmented reality technology by EligoVision?

Try out our cute New Year gift for all early technology adopters and game-lovers!

This new themed 3D game based on a «living 3D marker» is a perfect way to celebrate the Year of the Water Dragon in style!

The game was first shown during CG Event 2011, a major computer graphics conference, at our stand.

Augmented reality game: «Year of the Water Dragon!»: how to play

Earn as many points as possible! Manipulate your own 3D Dragon in the real time using the augmented reality marker placed in front of your laptop’s webcam.

  • Turn and tilt the marker smoothly in front of the webcam in order to control the flight of the beast.
  • There are two ways of shooting fire balls in hanging paper lanterns to earn points. First, you can smoothly move the marker to and from the cam. Or you can hide the marker with your finger for one second.
  • If you don’t earn points, your dragon will gradually run out of «energy» indicated on the health bar in the top right corner.
  • Use the radar in the lower left corner. It shows the position of your dragon and the items you must shoot.

How to play «Year of the Water Dragon» on your PC

1. Download our special demo application for Windows. Unpack the archive file. Run the program on your PC (double-click .exe file) to view «living 3D markers», choose «Start» in the game menu.

Download the program (129 MB).

2. Take the cup mat with the «living 3D marker» if you received one at our stand during CG Event 2011. If you haven’t got one, just print out this file with the marker image.

3. Ensure a webcam is connected to your PC.

4. Turn the volume on. The gameplay will be much more joyful when accompanied with the sound.

5. Get ready! Now bring the marker to the camera so that it is fully captured. You’ve just started the game! :)


If you experience problems installing or viewing our «living 3D markers» on your PC please kindly send us an email with a brief description of the problem at We will help you for sure!

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