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«The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources».
A. Einstein
  • Demo — «Space»

You can watch this «living 3D markers» application:

EView: watch in your browser!

The new EView plug-in allows launching applications on «living 3D markers» in your browser.

To start watching you need to bring the «living 3D marker» (pdf file) for this application to your webcam. If the plug-in is not installed, please download and install it on this page. After that the plug-in will be launched automatically.

Instructions for downloading on your PC


Download and launch the latest version of the program to view the «living 3D markers».

space-demo-2.3.exe (Windows, 21.1MB)


2. Ensure the webcam is connected to your PC and is turned on.
3. Download and print out the markers.
4. Bring the printed marker to the camera so that it is fully captured. You’ll see the 3D object on the marker. You can move and rotate it within the camera capture area.


If you experience problems installing or viewing our «living 3D marker» on your PC please send us an e-mail with a brief description of the problem at We will help you for sure!

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