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«Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new».
A. Einstein

Case studies — Augmented reality (AR)

EligoVision brought together peppers, dragons, augmented reality and Kinect to amaze visitors of CG Event 2011 conference in Moscow!

And it worked well! :)

This year again we thrilled the visitors of CG Event with our presentations and interactive solutions:

  • master class: Augmented reality TOPLESS: revealing secrets of real-time graphics for «living 3D markers»;
  • new 3D augmented reality game: «Year of the Water Dragon!» tailored for СG Event 2011 and combined with gesture control technology;
  • test drive: create your «living 3D marker» in 15 minutes!

You can download free web version of the interactive 3D game on our web site at

Photo gallery

To watch the project gallery click the image on top

More images here!

Master class: «Augmented reality TOPLESS»

During the master class Igor Tsyba, art director of EligoVision, Alexander Lavrenovich, project manager, and Valentin Tyustin, 3D designer, shared their best practice in developing 3D models for augmented reality.

You could learn how to:

  • create an unique solution based on an orthodox idea;
  • add rich functionality to few markers (32 scenes with just one marker!);
  • bring a private dance from a lawn to the «living 3D marker»;
  • simulate physical contact or «strike the orangutan back».

The second part of the master class was even more exciting.

The visitors could witness creation of a virtual candy tower and its subsequent demolition in real time right on a «living 3D marker».

«Augmented reality TOPLESS»: our master class at CG Event (in Russian only)

3D game: augmented reality + Kinect

The visitors of our stand could also try a new 3D augmented reality game which made use of our «living 3D markers» and Kinect gesture control technology: «Year of the Water Dragon!»

We developed a tandem version of the game for the event: a team consisting of two players had to score as many points as possible. The first player was manipulating the 3D dragon in the real time using the augmented reality marker in front of the camera, and the second one was helping him earn points by shooting the paper lanterns with the gestures of his arms.

Souvenirs and positive emotions were guaranteed! Besides, you can play this game right now using our cup mat; these were freely available at our exhibition stand.  

To play the game, visit this page and follow the instructions. 

Test-drive + results on «living 3D markers»

Next to the gaming zone, everybody could try creating his/her own «living 3D markers» of augmented reality!

Autodesk 3Ds Max users could create and animate their own virtual 3D models and then place them onto «living 3D markers» of augmented reality with the instant result! The whole process took no more than 10–20 minutes!

This installation was quite popular among the visitors. In total over 10 original markers were created, and all results were sent to their authors.


 Here you can find a short collection of what was created at our stand.

Click the model name to test it on your PC.

In order to view the models you will need an integrated or external web cam. After downloading the software just run the .exe file.

To run a test, use a marker placed on the cup mat. If you do not have one, click here to download and print your «living 3D marker».


«We’re happy to work with you — you proved to be really fast and professional. And you didn’t «kill our brain» like many others did.  For sure, we’ll invite you again»!

СG EVent,
Sergey Tsyptsyn

«Everything was quite informative and entertaining. We’d like to thank you for your living markers — it was a great fun for everybody! And yet again, thank you for your augmented reality cards, a great way of sharing positive emotions with friends. Besides, you can become a «wizard» for a while! We are looking forward to a dragon! Happy New Year to you and to the rest of your team»!

Scream School,
Anna Golovkina