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«Nothing is as easy as it looks».
Murphy’s law

Case studies — Augmented reality (AR)

September 21-22, 2011 — EligoVision reveals all secrets of the augmented reality during the 5th Autodesk Forum in Moscow.

This year apart from the mARker-based «living 3D markers» system introduced last year EligoVision proudly presented its new solutions:

  • unique interactive augmented reality studio — AR studio;
  • mARkerless augmented reality technology illustrated by Autodesk 3D models;
  • Kinect sensor device seamlessly integrated into EV Environment to present 3D models in an exciting game mode.

Some of these innovations were shown at the company’s stand on a new 52” glasses free 3D display by Dimenco. Spectators could enjoy high quality 3D images freely without the need to wear special stereoscopic glasses.

During the Forum a demo web installation was available at our website. Now both demos are available for free download and can be viewed on any PC with a webcam onboard:

AR studio based on «living 3D markers» technology was used for making two presentations held on the big stage of the 450-seat Sokolniki Hall:

Photo gallery

To watch the project gallery click the image on top

3D content: mARker-based augmented reality

The project software includes five «living 3D markers» placed into our virtual software environment.

The interactive area of the augmented reality system was a table with sets of flyers that were printed on heavyweight paper and contained images of the mARker-based markers.

Specifically for the 2011 Autodesk Forum we processed five transport-related animated 3D models:

  • bike;
  • all-terrain vehicle;
  • internal combustion engine;
  • helicopter;
  • submarine.

All the models were developed using Autodesk software applications and then converted to EV Environment.

Visitors could take flyers laid out at the stand, place them into the camera’s field of view, and view an animated all-terrain vehicle, a helicopter flying into a shaft, a 3D bike or even a submarine with its screws turning around and around.

Some objects programmed onto markers were interactive. For example, when a working 3D engine appeared on the screen, the bike headlight lit and smoke came out of its tail pipe.

Most of the prototypes were created using Autodesk software packages and presented to us by our Autodesk partners for further development.

Click here to test the application demo on your PC!

3D content: mARkerless augmented reality

Exclusively for the Autodesk Forum we created a unique mARkerless «living 3D marker» to feature an interactive 3D model of the Forum — «Forum’s Living 3D Plan».

The marker was placed on the cover of the Forum’s Official Program which was handed out to every visitor at the check-in counter.

Specifically for this marker a separate installation — «living 3D markers» on a 2D display — was arranged at our stand in the Technology Exhibition Area.

By covering the marker for 2 seconds while staying in front of the display spectators could switch between various stages of the interactive Forum’s space and highlight different areas within the 3D model.

When working with a mARkerless marker the camera «reads» the object itself (that is a combination of several dozens of «special points» on the selected image) rather than the image frame.

Click here to test the application demo on your PC!

3D installation: AR studio

AR studio by EligoVision was presented twice at the Forum.

The first time — to support the presentation by Anastasia Morozova, Marketing Director of Autodesk CIS. Thanks to the installation with a specifically calibrated two-camera system, spectators could see the Forum’s 3D Plan coming to life in Anastasia’s hands!

During her presentation Anastasia was holding a mARker-based «living 3D marker» to show an interactive 3D model of the Forum on the big screen. By covering the marker Anastasia could go through the stages of the interactive Forum’s space, to highlight areas in question on the on-screen 3D model.


During the closing session Valeria Kholodkova, Marketing Director, EligoVision, made a report on 3D visualization — «Augmented reality coming to light». The event took place in the Sokolniki Hall.

This 20-minute presentation featuring an interactive augmented reality studio covered most topical issues such as the technology itself, its operation principles, and finally the AR studio’s structure.

The spectators also had a chance to view a live demo of six animated 3D models on mARker-based augmented reality markers, while some of them were lucky enough to test the AR studio right on the stage!

3D content: Kinect

EligoVision applications developed exclusively for the Kinect sensor device were of particular interest to the public.

The visitors were having much fun while viewing 3D orangutan-robots mimicking them on a glasses free 3D display thanks to integration of the game console into EV Environment.

Apart from the gesture controlled robots, one could also play with a 3D model of a multistorey building. Users could rotate and see it from different perspectives with a motion of the hand, and change its construction by removing floors.


Five transport-related 3D models on mARker-based «living 3D markers»
to be seen at the Autodesk Forum

Projects by EligoVision demonstrated on Kinect


Technology Exhibition