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«Imagination is more important than knowledge.»
A. Einstein

Case studies — Augmented reality (AR)

In November 2010 EligoVision developed a new interactive 3D game for NestLine.

 The game was based on a «living 3D marker» of augmented reality. It was named «3D Labyrinth».

NestLine organized presentation of the new technology for the AstraZeneca’s booth at the XIV Russian Oncological Congress. The event took place on 23-25 November 2010 in the Moscow World Trade Centre.

The augmented reality marker was placed on AstraZeneca’s invitation tickets. All visitors could play «3D Labyrinth» right at the booth.

3D content

The heart of the «3D labyrinth» interactive game is the idea of a simple labyrinth where a player has to guide a ball to a gateway through a set of obstacles.

A player controls the ball movements by tilting the «living 3D marker» in front of the camera, and guiding it around the poles standing on its way to the finish.

At first the game may seem quite simple, but besides using the laws of physics it has a few pre-programmed 'secrets'.

Firstly the ball's speed depends directly on the tilt angle of the marker against the vertical.

It means that the falling ball acts as if it was rolling down a real inclined surface. If the tilt angle is small then the ball moves slower, and vice versa.

Secondly, after successful completion of the game the difficulty level increases: the speed of the rolling ball grows demanding quicker reaction from a player.

Taking into account the specific character of the event we replaced a ball with a pill. The game begins with the pill «falling out» of a medicine packaging developed by AstraZeneca.



The project hardware base is an interactive visual 3D solution, which includes

  • interactive «living 3D markers» system: camera, set of markers, graphics workstation equipped with a professional video card such as NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800;
  • autostereoscopic Philips WOWvx display (42').


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