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«A fundamental rule in technology says that whatever can be done will be done».
A. Grove

Case studies — Augmented reality (AR)

In October 2010 EligoVision designed a new «living 3D marker» of augmented reality for Russian Helicopters Open Joint Stock Company. The project was named «Mi-34».

3D content

The «Mi-34» project represents a 3D model of a helicopter created by Russian Helicopters.

«Mi-34» was originally designed as a training helicopter to replace the older «Mi-2» model, as well as an aerobatics helicopter. During development the helicopter’s multipurpose features were expanded to include patrolling, and passenger and freight operations.

Russian Helicopters JSC provided us with a ready-made 3D model of the «Mi-34» helicopter, to which we added animation and visual effects. Then we converted the final model into our EV environment and programmed it onto a «living 3D marker».

The project was created to demonstrate the possibilities of using our «living 3D markers» technology in the aviation industry.


You can view «Mi-34» «living 3D marker» on your own PC right now (please ensure a webcam is connected to your computer).

Just go to and follow simple instructions to start the program.