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«Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic».
A. C. Clark

Case studies — Augmented reality (AR)

A unique project called «XXL Girl» was developed for the anniversary issue of a popular men’s magazine XXL. In September 2010 XXL celebrated its 13th birthday.

The heart of this project is the augmented reality system — «living 3D markers» by EligoVision. This project clearly shows how augmented reality can benefit the print media. The project is designed for a web-installation and is available for viewing at two websites:

We can develop a «living 3D marker» specifically for your magazine featuring any content you wish to show.

3D content

The project software includes 3 web installations. Each of them is represented by an animated 3D model of a girl that greets you and then starts moving slowly to music.

The first animated girl is completely naked and is dancing directly on the marker; the second one is also naked, but she is dancing on a platform; the third one has a skirt and a blouse on and is dancing on the platform. All models use the same marker. Users can choose to watch any of the models.

The interactive area is a field of view of a PC webcam. All you have to do is to take a flyer from a magazine or a printed marker close to it, and you can see the girl come alive.

The girl was created in 3D format. To accomplish this, our specialists had to put a lot of effort. They visited the XXL cover shoot and photographed a real model using three cameras. After hours of work the best pictures were chosen. On the basis of the taken photos they created a 3D copy of the girl using specialized simulation software.

The resulting model was animated, and is now ready to give you a private dance. The dance is so realistic that it seems to be performed by a real girl!

Specifically for this project XXL designed a special flyer with one side having a «living 3D marker» with the image of the girl, and the other containing an ad and instructions for readers. The flyer was inserted into every anniversary issue.

Even if you didn’t have a chance to buy this issue, you can download and print the marker from the same web page that contains the program. It works perfectly both in color and black-and-white.

XXL is the first men’s magazine in Russia to present «living 3D markers» by EligoVision. This project was also a debut for EligoVision as it was the first time we designed a «living 3D marker» for the print edition.

EligoVision uses its own software to recognize augmented reality markers.

Upon completing the project we explained the process of creating the «XXL Girl» in full detail.

Program demonstration

You can test the new project on your own PC (please ensure a camera is connected to your computer). To do this, please click here and follow the instructions.



To watch the photo gallery for the project click the image on top.


«XXL Girl» dancing on a marker: live video.

Video: «XXL Girl».