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«Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic».
A. C. Clark

Case studies — Augmented reality (AR)

The «Negoziant» project is an interactive 3D presentation that uses «living 3D markers» augmented reality system by EligoVision.

If your product is too hefty, expensive or, for some reason, it is difficult to physically present it to the buyer, then you can use «living 3D markers» by EligoVision.

The project, developed by EligoVision for KRT Group, proves it.

Our specialists designed two breathtaking 3D models based on the augmented reality system: «Negoziant» and «Yacht».

3D content

«Negoziant» is a multifunctional public retail complex, which is currently under construction. The project was created by the investor — KRT Group of companies. The construction will be completed in Moscow in the near future. It will accommodate shopping centre for luxury goods, splendid suits, and a number of restaurants.

The project software includes 2 interactive animated «living 3D markers».

The «living 3D marker» called «Negoziant» presents the project of the shopping and entertainment centre, i.e. the building itself. A user can simply bring the marker to the camera and see the building in full detail. One can also rotate or pan/zoom the model. If the «Negoziant» marker remains still for some time, the building starts to rotate, demonstrating its magnificent architecture.

We placed the «Negoziant» marker on the back side of the project’s presentation folder. This is a new and original way to demonstrate future building projects to your customers. EligoVision provides ideas and technologies that can help customers to present a real estate project with maximum effect using, among other things, 3D Pointer by EligoVision.

The «living 3D marker» called «Yacht» is a clear example of how our «living 3D markers» can help to make an impressive and original presentation of an exclusive product. In this case — an expensive luxury yacht. The «living 3D marker» displays the yacht making its way through highly realistic waves of the Mediterranean Sea. If the marker remains still for some time, it starts showing the interior of the passengers' lounge. You can see the interior and exterior of the vessel in full detail. With the help of the stereoscopic JVC 3D display you can easily visit the yacht saloon!

Specifically for KRT we designed flyers with an inverted color «living 3D marker» called «Yacht» on one side (the marker is made by applying golden paint onto the black background) and various product specifications (cost, displacement, moorage and so on) on the other side.

The flyers will be handed out to potential buyers for advertising purposes. «Living 3D markers» can also display an album or a product catalogue — from cars and planes to jewellery and watches.

If you want to demonstrate your product in a new better way, our «living 3D markers» give you a unique chance to stand out from the crowd!

Program demonstration

This project also included converting this new technology into web-format to allow viewing the demonstration on any PC monitor equipped with a webcam. Download our free software, print the markers using your office printer, bring them to the camera and see both 3D models coming alive on the screen. It’s that simple! You can use several markers at the same time, rotate them and move within the interactive area.

Want to test this new project on your own PC? Please click here and follow the instructions.


The project hardware represents an interactive visual 3D solution, which includes

  • interactive «living 3D markers» system: a camera, a set of markers, and a graphics workstation equipped with a professional video card such as NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800;
  • JVC 3D display (46’) based on stereoscopic glasses with circular polarization