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A. Grove
  • Case studies — «Ivan Leonidov’s architectural designs»

Case studies — 3D presentations

3D content

Ivan Leonidov was the author of many visionary projects and a brilliant star of the constructivism period (20s — 30s of the XX century).

His ambitious ideas predetermined the look of all contemporary cities.

You can see architectural elements created by Ivan Leonidov on his numerous drafts and drawings in every megalopolis around the globe.

Ironically his grandiose projects never materialized except the staircase in the Sergo Ordzhonikidze sanatorium in Kislovodsk.

The main project of Ivan Leonidov, which the architect worked on until his last days, was the magnificent «City of the Sun». Leonidov came up with this concept before the beginning of World War II. It combined two main projects of his life – the Lenin Institute and the Narkomtyazhprom Building. The «City of the Sun» was never brought to life, but its drafts represent all of Leonidov’s innovative ideas and serve as a source of inspiration for many architects.

Ivan Leonidov’s three grandiose architectural designs were never brought to life still being a great source of inspiration for architects:

  • the Lenin Institute of Librarianship in Moscow;
  • the Columbus monument in Santo Domingo;
  • the Narkomtyazhprom Building in Moscow.


Today these projects were recreated by EligoVision’s specialists in 3D for demonstration on 3D displays both with glasses and glasses free.